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Pandan Cake Flavour 2001 NA-WS

A pink tinge colour liquid when aged with a sweet aromatic creamy aroma and a back note of coconut milk.
Specific gravity at 25 deg C : 1.085-1.090
Peanut Oil Flavour 1211-OS

A yellowish colour liquid with strong nutty, raw peanut oil aroma and flavour.

Specific gravity at 25 deg C : 0.902 - 0.922

Peppermint Oil 6931/1400

A yellow colour liquid with a strong fresh, minty and creamy aroma and taste of peppermint oil.

Specific Gravity at 25 deg C: 0.899 - 0.909
Pineapple Flavour A6001

A colourless to light yellow colour liquid with a sweet aromatic fruity distinctive smell of ripe pineapple.

Specific gravity at 25 deg C : 0.988 - 1.038

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