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Vanilla bean flavour 1127 nat. na-ws
A dark brown colour liquid with a strong aromatic vanilla bean extract aroma and taste.

Specific gravity at 25 degree Celcius: 1.062 - 1.072
Vanilla bean flavour 1129 nat. na-ws
Vanilla Bean Powder Flavour 1004 NAT
A off white light brownish free flowing powder with typical spicy aromatic sweet vanilla bean Bourbon type aroma.

Bulk Density at 25 deg C :0.710-0.715
Vanilla extract d3340 nat. na-ws
Vanilla extract d3341 nat. na-ws
Vanilla Extract Natural Flavour 5 Fold 0500
Vanilla Extract Natural Flavour 10 Fold 1000
Both (1) and (2) are dark coloured liquid with a very aromatic (spicy) fruity chocolatety with nutty notes typical of natural Vanilla Extract from the cured Vanilla beans.

Specific gravity at 25C :

(1) 1.100 1.105

(2) 1.102-1.107

Vanilla Extract Natural Flavour SFF 0105 NA-WS
A dark coloured liquid with a aromatic balsamic sweetness typical of Vanilla Extract from natural beans.

Specific gravity at 25 deg C : 1.170 1.175
Vanilla Extract Powder Flavour 1028 Natural
A white to off -white coloured powder with creamy aromatic aroma and taste of natural vanilla extract.

Bulk Density at 25 degree celcius: 0.715 – 0.725
Vanilla Extract Powder Flavour 1028M Natural

A white crystalline free flowing powder with real taste of natural vanilla extract boosted with natural Vanillin which gives a very full aromatic richness in the end product.

Bulk Density at 25aC : 0.615V 0.625
Vanilla Extract Powder Flavour 1038 Natural
A white to off -white coloured powder that gives a full, rounded richness of natural vanilla extract boosted with natural vanillin.

Bulk Density at 25 degree celcius: 0.710 – 0.720
A white to off-white coloured powder with strong, rich and creamy aroma and taste of natural vanilla extract.

Bulk Density at 25 degree C: 0.710 – 0.720
Vanilla extract sff 1013 nat. na-ws
Vanilla extract sff 1016 nat. na-ws
Vanilla flavour 1135 natural-na-ws
Vanilla Flavour 2725

A light to dark brown coloured liquid with rich creamy, caramel and vanilla aroma and flavour.

Specific gravity at 25 C : 1.117 1.127

Vanilla milk powder flavour 1028
Vanilla Milk Powder Flavour 1028C

A white to pale cream coloured free flowing powder with milky and creamy taste and aroma of vanilla.

Bulk Density at 25aC: 0.644 V 0.654
Vanilla Powder Flavour 1005/200

A white crystalline powder with a rich creamy sweet aroma and taste of vanilla flavour. This flavour is 2x the strength of Vanilla Powder Flavour 1005 thus saving on freight, storage and cost with the same flavour quality.

Bulk density at 25C: 0.586 0.606
Vanilla Powder Flavour 1005N Extra
White crystalline powder with a rich creamy sweet aroma of vanilla flavour with extra fullness of vanilla taste because of extra natural vanillin added.

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