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The coming year will see VK Creative maximising its potential. VK Creative intends to penetrate a new market. The world is our market and WE ARE LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS TO HELP US TO MARKET OUR PRODUCTS.

Our strong manufacturing position with four factories in Johor, Malaysia and one base in Singapore enable us to service a worldwide business. Our strength lies in our prompt delivery for all our standard flavours.

VK Creative has developed a complete range of vanilla powders with the best sellers such as Vanilla Powder 1005, 1025, 1022, 1040, Ethyl Vanillin Powder 1015 and 1055 which is a replacement for Vanillin. It gives a fuller and sweeter flavour profile because it is a compounded flavour compare to the single chemical vanillin.

Vanilla Extract Powder 1030 contains natural Vanilla oleoresin. Therefore, it imparts a superior taste profile. It is an ideal flavour for premium ice-cream, vanilla cookies and chocolate products.

Latest News! "All Natural Vanilla extract Powder 1068 impart superior aroma & flavour to ice-cream, chocolate, cream filling and any dairy related beverages and products.

"New! Vanilla Extract Powder Natural 1068" (click to see product information)

Loading 40ft container at 13 Dec 2004.

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