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It takes guts and determination to enter into a business dominated by multinationals supported by a wealth of tradition in research and product development, but to hang in there, one must be a leader, both in creative genius and business acumen.

VICTOR Koh of Creative Flavours Fragrances made headlines in the flavours scene and a windfall when wintermelon flavoured drinks took the Taiwanese new age beverage market by storm in 1993. As the pioneer supplier of this uniquely Asian flavour, the Singapore flavourist estimated that he sold 30 tonnes of the flavour in a year from 1993 to 1995. This figure is equivalent to some 30,000 tonnes of drinks produced and marketed in the republic alone. The wintermelon fad has moved strongly into other parts of Asia, including Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The commercial cycle of the flavour has since passed its glory times when it was the top soft drink beverage in Taiwan but over the years, it has proven to maintain a steady market share and has expanded to PR China. Therefore, it still ranks among VKC top seller.

Creative's business blueprint for the future is ambitious and the progress made over the few years, impressive - in flavour creation, market expansion and infrastructure support.

Since the economic crisis in 1997, for the record VK Creative have seen natural growth and expansion right through until today. We have expanded most in Philippines. We have employed two new experienced food technologists for improved technical service - Ms Rosanna Marcelino Martinez for savoury flavours and Yolanda S. Azarcon for sweet flavours. We have started local production for savoury and sweet flavours. Click here to see new facilities.

In Malaysia, we continue to expand our production facilities for Vanilla, sweet flavours and fragance production. In Singapore our home base, we continue to improve our production facilities by adding a top loading compounding tank with 3.3 tons capacity. We are able to compound liquid and powder flavours.

We have also expanded our natural flavour division i.e. wines by renovating 100sq m wine cellar 4.5m high kept at constant temperature of 16 to 18 degrees, 60 - 80% humidity, capacity for at least 30,000 bottles of wines. Currently, we have 92 labels expanding to at least 100 labels by December 2003. We have wines from Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia, France & Chile and different wines from all over the world are constantly being added.
Click here to see our wine web site.

Our current endeavour is building up our manufacturing base in Australia. We have facilities in Melbourne and Sydney. Latest News - we are building our manufacturing center at 19 Harvest Court, Southport, Gold Coast. We offer Australian food & beverage companies a link to Asia with our extensive range of flavours.

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