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Top on his agenda was a heavy investment on basic flavours.

Concentrating on basic flavours will ensure that there is always a core business. Vanilla, according to Koh, is chosen for its potential in myriad applications including the production of dairy products, biscuits, confectionery and cakes, and many other products.

Elaborating further, Koh commented, "Vanillin is the most active ingredient in the vanilla bean, giving the aromatic taste. However, the vanilla extract is very expensive and thus, out of most people's budget. Our aim is to sell the vanilla flavour in liquid or powder forms. We want to inject some specialty properties in it, to add to its value, rather than just trading in vanillin. In the process, price is not compromised. My products are still cheaper than vanillin itself."

Synthetically, the vanillin flavour can be extracted from wood pulp and from guaiacol, too. These two sources, termed as 'nature - identical' products, are used to create vanilla flavours by blending with other aroma chemicals. If the carrier is liquid like Propylene Glycol, then we have liquid vanilla flavour and if the carrier is Dextrose Monohydrate, then we have vanilla powder.

In June 1996, a factory purchased by the company in the Cemerlang Industrial Estate, Malaysia, began production. The 7,500 square feet factory is dedicated to production of liquid flavours. In addition, Creative also plans to acquire two other factories it is currently leasing within the vicinity. The larger of the two factories, with 8,500 square feet of built-in area for compounding, specialises in the production of powder flavours, especially vanilla powders.

Since Jan 1999, we have acquired the adjacent unit and expanded our vanilla production facility to 1,600sqm. We have dedicated one factory solely for the production of vanilla powders with an annual capacity of 1000 tons!

The third factory is dedicated to produce fragrances.

Seeing is believing loading 40ft of Vanilla Powder for export market on 13 Dec 2004.

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