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 Requesting For Quotation (Guidelines)
  • Browse the catalogue site by selecting the Comprehensive Range to Products link on the left. A list of several product categories will be shown. To view product listing, simply select the designated categories.
  • To request for quote, key in the quantities of the products of interest and click on Quote button. This product along with its quantities entered would be reflected instantaneously on the View Quote Listings. All products when clicked on View Quote button would be transferred to this list.
  • Before confirming the list of products to be requested for quotation, click on View Quote button to see the final listing. The list of products selected previously can be deleted away from here. To alter the product quantity, simply change the quantity value.
  • After confirming the product listing to request for quotation, simply click on RFQ button.
  • A form will appear along with several fields. Key in all information with fields marked in Red. After filling in the form, click on Send button. All information entered would be processed and sent to VK Aromatics International.
     Sending Purchase Order (PO)
  • To raise a purchase order, you are required to select the products intended for purchase via the online catalogue site (same as Requesting For Quotation).
  • All products selected would be reflected on the View Quote list. Amend the product quantities or delete any accidental addition of products to the list.
  • After the list is confirmed, click on Send PO. A form with the selected products and their associated quantities would be displayed. You are required to fill in the prices quoted by VK Aromatics International. Only when all quoted prices of the products are entered, would display a form for filling up of the necessary information. All fields marked with an * are mandatory. After filling in all the mandatory information, simply click on Send PO. All information would be processed and sent to VK Aromatics International.
     System Requirements
  • Web browser - Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, with 800x600 screen resolution or bigger.
  • Connection - 56.6 kbps modem or faster connection.
     Other Information
  • You can access the catalog with a slower connection that the one listed above; however this is not recommended.
  • The catalog will download one page at a time.
  • The pages will start to appear immediately as each element is download.
  • The photos included on the web are optimized for viewing at 100%.

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