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(1) EMS 300 (3x concentrate) - Ethyl Maltol Substitute 33% weight for weight
(2) MLS 300 (3x concentrate) - MCP Substitute 33% weight for weight
(3) FLS 300 (3x concentrate) - Furaneol Substitute 33% weight for weight
The above are 3 very basic aromatic chemicals which are used in numerous fruit flavour compositions and in savoury flavours e.g. toasted onion, garlic and roast meat flavours such as beef, pork and chicken.

Every flavour compounder and flavourist, in the course of his product development, will need to use at least one or a combination of these TRIOS.

One of the biggest problems is to get a consistent product at a reasonable price. However, nowadays, prices tend to fluctuate with shortage of supply and traders are in to make a fast buck.

With the above 3 specialities developed in-house, compounders can be guarantee of 3 C's advantages:

(1) Cheaper :By at least 33% on a weight for weight basis.
(2) Convenient :Being liquid, it is easy to mix with other flavour ingredients and PG.
(3) Consistent :It is stable and does not absorb water, to become harden with changes in flavour profile.

This TRIOS should be on the shelves of all R&D laboratories whether it is a flavour, fragrance or any food manufacturer.

In the case of a food manufacturer, it can be added directly to his end product for the following three reasons:

(1) Intensifier or flavour enhancer:
(a) E.g. in coffee powder or coffee extract for spray drying with 1 - 2ppm of MLS 300.
(b) E.g. Soy Sauce Extract for spray drying with 0.05 - 1ppm of EMS or FLS or MLS 300.

(2) Sweetener - enhancing the sweetness of a flavour:
(a) E.g. making canned pineapple flavour sweeter with 0.03 - 0.1ppm of EMS or FLS 300
(b) E.g. condensed milk flavour sweeter with 1ppm of EMS 300

(3) Modifier:
(a) E.g. caramel pudding can be made to taste stronger and richer by incorporating 0.02 - 0.06ppm of MLS 300 and 0.03 - 1ppm of EMS 300.
(b) E.g. toasted coconut flavour can be made more roasted with 0.03 - 1ppm of MLS 300.

Creativity and experimentation will bring surprising and interesting results.

The TRIOS are very useful in tobacco flavours to enhance toasted notes or improve sweetness or lent body in a casing flavour. The TRIOS are indispensable.

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