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The Creative label, with its portfolio of some of the key leaders in specialised product categories, has come of age in its core regional markets. It is now timely for Koh to gradually complement and strengthen its existing network of distributors and agents in Asia with its own network sales offices and manufacturing arrangements.
In October 1996, the company established its second sales office in the Philippines market, after VK Creative Aromatics Sdn Bhd in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Setting up an office in the Philippines, according to Koh, is important since Creative has not been particularly active in the market.

"We were selling small quantities to the Philippines from Singapore directly. Today, the huge market has a lot of processed food where our flavours will come in handy," he said,"Since we are late in entering the market, it is only prudent that we intend to service manufacturers directly. We want to work hand-in-hand with customers who may need to modify the flavours we submit to them to suit their base."

That was my idea in 1996, having actually entered into the Philippines market and employed a key personnel, Ms Leila Ricohermoso who has techincal capability of helping customers in product development. Having work in the market for the past 2 years, we have made a breakthrough from zero to a foothold in the Philippines by December 1998. We have now two personnel in the Philippines - Ms Leila Ricohermoso, our Technical Consultant, together with Ms Nerissa T Gomez, our Sales Executive. We have now been able to strengthen our position in the said market and in 1999, we will be able to expand our flavour business to new horizon in Philippines. You can see our team in Philippines by clicking here.

I am very happy to see that Philippines is our most exciting growth market within our Asean market. Because of our foresight, we have developed the Philippines market for the past 7 years since 1996. I am very glad to see that this market has been a great help to us when our Indonesia market collapses towards December 1997.

After 6 years, in October 2002, we expanded with 2 technical staffs, one for savoury and one for sweet flavour and started local manufacturing.

From this practical experience, our company intends to develop a new market every 2 years and our present developing market is Australia. This is another very difficult market to crack because traditionally, this market is in the hands of MNC. But VK Creative has a world vision and with hard work and dedication, we will break-in and establish a foothold. We have already put in 5 years' effort since 1998 but we have to put in much more effort in the years to come. We believe that our formula to break into the market is a proven formula i.e. to engage a key technical personnel to be stationed in Melbourne to spearhead the flavour business there. We already have a manufacturing unit in Sydney at the following address:

Gold Coast Office & Manufacturing Centre
Unit 1, 19 Harvest Court, Southport 4215, Gold Coast
Tel: (07) 5528 2814 Fax: (07) 5528 4996
Email : vka.aust@bigpond.net.au

Our Southport office and Manufacturing unit has conducive environment and is only 10 mins from Surfers Paradise. We are now making flavours at your doorsteps in Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne. We are always near to you. We have the ability to supply from 1kg, 5kg up to a container of 10 tons or 20 tons.

Once we have built up our team, I am sure we will penetrate the Australia market because we have the products and infrastructure not only to service the small business but the big and MNC companies.

We are already selling our flavours right across the Asia Pacific region. For the other parts of the world, we are looking for partners or distributor who will help us to penetrate our products in their respective markets. We have a very good range of all the basic flavours such as vanilla which is a universal flavour, is our best seller in all over the region. It is also our ticket to penetrate all the markets. Hence, we are looking to build our potential distributor network. If any company who think they can work with us, please email to us.

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