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Caramel Vanilla Flavour 2250
A pale straw to yellow coloured liquid with a rich, creamy and milky vanilla and caramel taste and aroma. Upon aging and storage, it will develop to an orange tinge with well rounded fuller flavour.

Specific gravity at 25 deg C: 1.041 - 1.051
Cheese Cheddar Mature Vegetarian VK

A golden yellow viscous oily emulsion with aroma and flavour of mature cheddar cheese oil. Product will solidify below 100C but will become pourable when warms up to 250C.

Specific gravity at 25 degree C: 0.900 - 0.905
Cheese Cheddar Powder Flavour M2551
A pale cream coloured powder with a typical Cheddar Cheese aroma and flavour low in fat and salt.

Bulk density at 25 deg C : 0.800 - 0.805

Cheese Parmesan Powder Flavour 2552
A pale cream coloured powder with a typical Parmesan Cheese flavour and aroma.

Bulk density at 25 deg C : 0.820 - 0.825

Chocolate and Coffee specialties
Chocolate Dark 0970
A dark brown colour liquid with the distinctive aroma of cocoa extract and dark chocolate taste.
Chocolate Dark Flavour 1814 Nat.
A dark brown colour slightly viscous liquid with a rich, full-bodied and pleasant taste and aroma of dark chocolate.
Specific gravity at 25°C: 1.076 - 1.086
Chocolate Flavour 1251-2
A dark brown colour vicous liquid with a distinctive aroma of milk chocolate.
Chocolate Flavour E7525

A slightly viscous pourable dark chocolate brown colour liquid with a reddish tinge when diluted with a dose of 1.0% in the final product. It has a very pleasant, well-rounded milk chocolate aroma and taste. This is also a 2-in-1 flavour, imparting milk chocolate flavour and colour.

Specific gravity at 25 deg C: 1.140- 1.150
Chocolate Powder 5225
A brown free flow powder with an appetising aroma and flavour of milk chocolate.
Chocolate Powder Flavour 4950 Natural
A light brown colour powder with rich, creamy, milky chocolate aroma and taste. This is a 2-in-1 flavour, imparting richer chocolate colour and flavour.
Cocoa Powder BG 5500
Physical & Chemical Characteristics Alkalised Cocoa Powder
Dark Brown
Colour Dark Brown
pH 7.6 - 8.10
Flavour Rich and creamy
Fat Content (%) 10.0 - 11.00
Fineness (%<75um((wet, through 200 99.5 min
Mesh ASTM sieve)
Moisture (%) 5.0 max
Shell Content (%) 1.75 max
Cocoa Powder Flavour Booster 1556
A reddish brown colour powder with the typical aromatic aroma of cocoa flavour with
a slightly bitter pleasant after taste.

Bulk density at 25 degree C: 0.418 - 0.423
Cocoa Powder Substitute 5053
A brown coloured free flow powder with a strong aroma and flavour of cocoa powder.
Coconut Cream Powder 5051NNI
A pale creamy colour free flowing powder with a rich creamy aroma and taste of natural coconut milk cream. A clear product with minimum fat on the surface when diluted in warm or hot water for evaluation.
Coconut Milk Flavour 1712 NAT. NA-WS
A clear colourless liquid to pale straw with distinctive creamy coconut aroma which is similar to pressed coconut milk. However, upon aging and storage, it will start to develop to pink to orange colour but with a fuller flavour profile.

Specific gravity at 25C: 1.016-1.066
Coffee Extract Arabica Flavour 1226 Nat. NA-WS
A dark brown coloured liquid with a rich Arabica coffee taste and aroma.
Specific gravity at 25 degree Celcius: 1.112 - 1.118
Coffee Mocca 4001F
A dark brown coloured liquid with a full roasted coffee aroma.
Complete range of caramel specialties
For soy sauce, beverage and alcoholic drinks
Complete range of citrus and essence oils
Water-soluble juicy orange essence for orange juice and beverage juices included
Complete range of colour liquids and powders
Complete range of Soy Sauce specialities
Premium Dark Gold made by traditional method.
Low salt Dark arid Light Soy Sauces for consumer and institution from 250gm pack to IBC container (1.1 ton).
Comprehensive range of fragrances for all applications
Comprehensive range of sweet and beverage flavours
500 flavours available ex-stock
Concentrated aroma
Substitutes EMS 300, MLS 300, FLS 300, ATS 300, SPS 100
Condensed Milk 1076
A colourless to light purity liquid with a distinctive condensed milk flavour.
Condensed Milk 12502
A pale straw-coloured liquid with the aroma of full cream condensed milk.
Condensed Milk Powder Flavour 2012
A white fine powder with full creamy milk aroma of condensed milk.
Crab Flavour 5990/200 NA

An opaque light yellowish viscous liquid with a typical fishy crab like seafood aroma and flavour.

Specific gravity at 25 deg C : 1.023-1.028
Cream Flavour 3961/200 NA-WS

A clear yellowish coloured liquid with strong herbal slight medicated butter cream aroma flavour..

Specific gravity at 25 deg C : 1.080 1.085

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