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Product Details

Sweetener SL0100

Sweetener SL0100 - 100 times sweeter than cane sugar allows for flexibility in food and beverage products formulation especially for low-calorie soft drinks, ice-cream, dairy products and baked goods.

One of the unique attributes of Sucralose is that it can be used almost anywhere sugar is used. It does not lose it, sugar like sweetness even in applications that required heat, that is, it is heat stable and stable for long shelf storage. Thus, products made with Sweetener SL0100 maintain their sweetness during cooking, baking and throughout their shelf life.

Recommended Dosage for Sweetener SL0100:

0.1% w/w is equivalent to 10% w/w of cane sugar.
1.0% w/w is equivalent to 100% w/w of cane sugar.

Knowing this fact, it is easy to formulate with it. Baked goods, baking mixes, dairy products, substitutes in numerous end products like gravies and sauces, nutritional products, snack foods, meat products, etc.

(1) In beverage for a low-calorie drink e.g.: isotonic drink flavoured with
Salts 0.3%
Pomelo Juicy 0.1% w/w
For sweetness add Sweetener SL0100 0.1% w/w
Deionised water 99.5% w/w
100.00 w/w

(2) Low-Calorie Coffee and Tea

Normally white coffee or tea will have cane sugar sweetness of around 13% w/w for average person. For low-calorie sugar replacement could be complete or partial.
Eg: Sugar 6% w/w Sweetener SL0100 0.07% = 13% w/w sugar
No sugar Sweetener SL0100 0.13% = 13% w/w sugar

Being in the powder form, it is easy to mix with the spray dried tea or coffee powder in the formulation with other ingredients.


Sweetener SL0100 is compounded from Sucralose and trace amounts of other sweetness enhancing aroma chemicals which are FEMA GRAS with Dextrose Anhydrous as carrier.


This flavour is classified as nature-identical for all countries.


Keep sealed in original packing in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight. This product is stable for 2 years.


20kg in high barrier bag in a carton.
Small packing can be requested.


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