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Product Details

Chocolate Flavour E7525

This flavour is developed to impart a well-rounded milk chocolate flavour and chocolate colour to the final product:

Recommended Dosage
• Milk/ Ice Cream/Yoghurt : 1.0% w/w (+10% sugar helps to bring out flavour & colour)
• Wafer Biscuits/Cakes/Cookies : 1.0% w/w of dough wt.
• Cream Fillings : 1.0% w/w of base
• Milk Toffees : 1.0% w/w of base

As a rule of thumb, when used with cocoa powder in the end product e.g. biscuits, cakes, ice-cream and desserts, start with dose of 0.5% - 1.0 w/w of base. This flavour can be used together with any of our existing chocolate flavours to enhance and achieve a fuller taste. This flavour’s prime purpose is to impart chocolate colour at dose of 1.0% w/w. Therefore, if you want to increase its chocolate taste, you can add 0.5% - 1.0%w/w of Chocolate Powder Flavour 4950 for more cocoa taste.


This flavour is compounded from natural, nature-identical and artificial flavouring ingredients which are FEMA GRAS, with Propylene Glycol USP and liquid carrageenan gum as carrier.


This flavour is classified as nature-identical and artificial flavour in all countries.


Keep sealed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. This product is stable for two years. Shake well before use.


25kg HDPE plastic drum

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