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Product Details

Chocolate Powder 5225
A brown free flow powder with an appetising aroma and flavour of milk chocolate.

Specific gravity at 25 deg C : 0.550 - 0.555

This product imparts the flavour of milk chocolate at a recommended dose of 0.5% w/w of base for most applications.

1. Chocolate drink - sugar has to be added according to taste together with extra milk either in powder form or fresh milk in liquid form. In which case, just add say a tablespoon to milk and sugar.
2. In the formulation of chocolate powder instant drink where milk powder and sugar has to be added to the above product.
3. Ice-cream - 1.0% w/w of the above to add directly to the ice-cream mix.
4. Biscuit cream fillings - 1% w/w in fat base.
5. Cakes and biscuit - 1% w/w of cake mix or dough weight.
6. Manufacture of Kosher or Halal and low calories chocolate sauce or coating - use 25% w/w of the above product together with other carriers in your formulation. If extra sweetness is required - to incorporate our Sweetening Agent 3000 at 0.5% w/w in the formulation.

This product is made from natural cocoa powder with our vanilla and condensed milk powder flavours. All ingredients are FEMA GRAS.

This flavour is classified as natural and nature-identical for all countries.

Keep sealed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. It is stable for least 1 year.


  • 20kg high barrier bag packed in an outer carton.

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