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Product Details

Tasmor Powder Flavour 5425/2

1. Tasmor 5425/2 was developed to replace MSG for countries that ban MSG or people who are sensitive or allergic to MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate).

2. Tasmor 5425/2 replaces the taste of MSG in a more sophisticated way i.e. when diluted to the same dosage of 0.2% - 0.3% w/w in warm water, it taste savoury with a sweetish longer lasting effect compared with MSG which is distinctively full savoury with a slightly salty effect.

3. Synergistic effect can be obtained by a combination of 20% Tasmor 5425/2 and 80% MSG.

Tasting of 0.2% - 0.3% w/w in ready soup gives a balance of savoury fullness and sweetness which will greatly improve the taste of any soup stock, be it chicken, pork, beef or seafood.

4. Tasmor 5425/2 is in powder form and can easily be used in any seasoning formulations for soups or snacks. Bearing in mind 0.2 � 0.3% w/w is optimum dosage for ready product (soup or snack) in your seasoning formulation, you must multiply by the dilution factor for examples:

a. In a soup seasoning mix of 7 g sachet to be diluted with hot water to make 350g of final soup.

Dilution Factor =350 = 50

Therefore, 50 x 0.20%w/w = 10 % w/w of Tasmor 5425/2 in the seasoning mix powder.

b. In a snack seasoning with a dose of 10% dosage by sprinkling or dusting.

Therefore, dilution is 100 = 10

10 x 0.20% w/w = 5% w/w Tasmor 5425/2 in snack seasoning mix.

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5. Sausages & meat products : 0.2% - 0.3% w/w in meat base.

6. Prepared meals of all kinds : 0.2% - 0.3% w/w of base.

7. Pet foods : 0.2% - 0.3% w/w in meat base or seafood base.

Note: Final dose depends on personal preference and ingredients in the formulation.


Tasmor 5425/2 is formulated from mixtures of Disodium-5�-Inosinate (I) and Disodium 5�-Guanylate (G) and Amino acids (A) with Dextrose Monohydrate as carrier.


This flavour is classified as nature-identical for all countries.


Keep sealed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. This flavour is stable for two years.


� 25kg high barrier bag packed in an outer carton.
� 3kg high barrier bag packed in an outer carton.

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