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Product Details

Yoghurt Flavour 1957 Nat. NA-WS


A yellowish colour liquid with a sourish full-bodied taste of fermented milk curdled product.
Specific gravity at 25C: 1.036 1.044


This flavour gives the real full taste of milk yoghurt i.e. sourish fermented milk with even a textural feel of the smooth curdled milk solids. The recommended dosage is 0.10 0.15% w/w for all applications below:

  • Confectionery

  • Ice-cream

  • Yoghurt fruit flavoured drinks with or without puree at dose of 0.10%w/w

  • Cream filling

This flavour is compounded from natural flavour ingredients with Propylene Glycol USP as solvent. The ingredients used are suitable for Kosher and Halal status.


This flavour is classified as natural for all countries.


Keep in a sealed container away from direct sunlight. This flavour is stable for two years.


  • 25kg HDPE plastic drum

  • 5kg plastic container packed in a carton of 4 x 5kg


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