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Product Details

Coconut Cream Powder 5051NNI
A pale creamy colour free flowing powder with a rich creamy aroma and taste of natural coconut milk cream. A clear product with minimum fat on the surface when diluted in warm or hot water for evaluation. This product has some nutritional value which is given below.

Bulk Density at 25 deg C : 0.525 - 0.530

It is designed to replace natural coconut cream powder which is easily oxidised developing off rancid unpleasant aroma and taste. This product incorporate nature-identical lactones and pyrazines with minimum natural coconut cream to lent body to the whole flavour composition. The suggested application dosage in end products is as follows:

  • Ice cream : 0.2% in liquid or 2% powder mix for 10x dilution

  • Cream fillings : 0.2% in liquid or 2% powder mix for 10x dilution

  • Cakes : 0.2% in cake batter or 2% in powder mix for 10x dilution

  • Biscuits e.g. butter-coconut type : 0.2 - 0.3% w/w of dough weight

  • Desserts / puddings / jellies etc : 0.2% of base or 2% powder mix for 10x dilution

  • Curries / rice e.g. Nasi Lemak : 0.2 - 0.5% in liquid curry or 2 - 5% in curry powder for 10x dilution

    This flavour is compounded from nature-identical aroma chemicals mainly lactones, trace pyrazines and spray dried coconut cream or "santan" which gives the whole flavour "body" and the best of both qualities natural with NI flavour boosters to give a very well balanced complete flavour i.e. the Real Taste.


  • Total Fat : 10% w/w (unsaturated fat 6%, saturated fat 94%)

  • Protein : 2.5% w/w

  • Carbonhydrate : 3% w/w

  • Moisture : 0.6% w/w

  • Calories : 25 / 20g

  • Microbiological :

  • Total plate count (35 C / 48hrs) : < 2000 col/g max
    E coli : Absent
    Salmonella : Absent
    Yeast & mold : < 30 col/g

    The shelf life of this flavour is 1 year if kept in sealed original packing.


  • 180gm in a square PET bottle in a carton of 8 x 180gm = 1.44kg nett

  • 3kg plastic bag packed in an outer carton

  • 23kg in high barrier bag packed in an outer carton

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