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Product Details

Strawberry Fresh 1229NA-WS
A pale straw to yellow colour liquid with a fresh, fruity, green aromatics aroma of freshly picked strawberry, some slightly bruised. Upon aging, the colour will turn to orange, but with fuller and well-rounded flavour.

Specific gravity at 25 deg C : 1.004 - 1.008

This flavour emphasizes the fresh fruity greenness of strawberries and is suitable in any dairy applications where greenness or freshness seems to come through better in fat base or dairy products.

  • Ice-cream : 0.1% w/w of ice cream mix

  • Yoghurt : 0.05% - 0.1% w/w dependingon puree in content

  • Milk : 0.1% w/w in milk

  • Jellies : 0.1% - 0.15% + 0.5% Citric Acid

  • Beverage : 0.1% w/w in RTD or 0.5% w/w in bottling syrup or cordial syrup for 5x dilution

  • Jams : 0.1% w/w of base
  • Candy : 0.2% + 0.05% w/w Citric Acid of candy mass

  • Biscuit cream filling : 0.1% of base

    This flavour is compouded from aroma chemicals which are FEMA GRAS. It contains fruity ester like Ethyl Butyrate, Gamma-Lactones, Cinnamates, Hexenals and Hexenols for green notes and Maltol, Furaneol for fullness with Propylene Glycol as solvent.

    It is classified as nature-identical flavour for all countries.

    Keep sealed in original container in cool place away from direct sunlight.


  • 25kg plastic drum

  • 5kg plastic container packed in a carton of 4 x 5kg

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