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Product Details

Sweetening Agent 3000
A white fine crystalline powder with a gentle sweet aroma, very full and long lasting with no unpleasant bitter after taste.

Bulk density at 25 deg C : 0.650 - 0.653

The main ingredient is Aspartame, a natural sweetener which is safe according to WHO Technical Report Series No. 653, 1980. The carrier is Dextrose Monohydrate.

Replace 100gm cane sugar with only 3.3gm of Sweetening Agent 3000.

It is easily disperse and soluble in syrups and soft drinks. Example in syrups, normally maximum concentration with cane sugar is 66 brix, dilution is 1 + 6 = 7 parts ready to drink. Using Sweetening Agent 3000, you can get a 1 + 9 dilution = 10 parts ready to drink. Suggested syrup formula as follows:

Cane Sugar: 50.0 kg 85.0kg
Sweetening Agent 3000: 2.0 kg 1.0 kg
Water to make: 48.0 kg 14.0 kg
Total: 100.0kg 100.0 kg

Note: In syrup formula (1), preservative needs to be added. In syrup formula (2), the water must be boiling at temperature 100 deg C - no preservative is needed when hot filled.

Sweetening Agent 3000 is ideal for use in formulating low-calorie beverage and food products. It has energy content of 2Kcal/g, about half that of protein but requires only 1/30 the amount of sugar to produce equivalent sweetness - e.g. powder beverage drinks, 3-in-1 coffee, tea, cereal etc.

Sugar is not easily disperse with fat base products e.g. cream-filling in confectionery, ice-cream mix, yoghurt, ice-lollies etc. With Sweetening Agent 3000, it is very convenient because of the small quantities used and it being a very fine powder which is easily dispersed into the fat base.


1. When applying Sweetening Agent 3000 to food requiring UHT treatment, add in after treatment to avoid decomposition during the production process.
2. When applying Sweetening Agent 3000 to food containing ingredients with high enzyme activity, add it after sterilization in order to avoid enzymatic degradation during the process.
3. The base of product may affect sweetness intensity and taste sensation due to other ingredients interaction.
4. For beverage, the pH ranges from 3 - 4 e.g. in most carbonated citrus soft drinks beverage e.g. orange, lemonade, colas, ice-cream soda, when using Sweetening Agent 3000, it is stable and effective. However, the ideal pH range is between 3.5 - 4.5.

Besides application for sweet products, Sweetening Agent 3000 is also suitable in savoury products e.g. in seasoning formulation for snacks or noodles and sauce formulation e.g. oyster sauce, tomato ketchup, chilli-sauce etc.

At a dose of 0.1% w/w in plain water, sweetness is quite perceivable. At dose of 0.3% w/w in plain water, it is equivalent to 10% w/w solution of cane sugar sweetness. Therefore with these sweetness guideline, once can formulate exactly the right amount of Sweetening Agent 3000 to be used in each end product.

This sweetening agent is base on Aspartame and nature identical boosters to enhance and lent fullness to the natural sweetness of Aspartame.

Aspartame is a natural sweetener found occurring in food. Its sweetening properties is due to two Amino Acids - Aspartic Acid and Phenylalaine. Aspartame gives an intense sweetness that tends to be linear and hollow compare to cane sugar. The manufacturers of Aspartame claim sweetness potency varying from 170X to 230X that of sugar depending on end product taste perceptions.

We have developed SWEETENING AGENT 3000 to give 30X the sweetening fullness of cane sugar. This means that 3.3kg is equivalent to 100kg of cane sugar. It gives a lot of flexibility to the food development technologists to formulate many interesting products.

Keep sealed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


  • 25kg carton

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