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The idea of growing fruit trees in the Super Pot is that our big Super Pot is 3.5ft diameter by 3.5ft height and is made of concrete with 3 holes at the bottom for water to exit. The pot itself weighs half a ton but it will weigh about 1 ton with soil in it.

It will grow fairly big trees. We have experience with growing Mango, Longan and Banana trees. The latest is grafted durian trees in our Super Pot and in 3 to 4 years’ time, we hope it will bear fruit. If you have a small plot of land and you want to grow an orchard, with our Super Pot, you can put them side by side with 4 to 5ft interval, you can have different fruits growing together in harmony because you can control their growth and each pot is a self-sufficient system. Besides all the satisfaction and pleasure of seeing it grow on the fruit tree, any fruits that ripe on the tree are organic.

You can also grow red palm in the Super Pot. You can see our two red palm at the front of Kong Beng Industrial building – looks really grand. Click here to see the picture.

We have proven that our system works by hosting the pictures of our fruit harvest and new pictures will be added from time to time to show you our success. If you need to see our Super Pots, please call us to arrange for an appointment. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information on our Super Pot.

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