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Creative supplies an extensive range of Asian as well as basic flavours to their customers in the region. Among these are Asian flavours such as durian, guava, honeydew and wintermelon and local specialities like chendol, gula-melaka, yam and pandan. Its vegetarian meat flavours, such as chicken, beef, pork and roast pork flavours were a huge success in Taiwan.

While it is true that the food industry has increased in sophistication over the last decade, the customers are just as demanding and price conscious as before. It is important to sell a proven, high quality product at a competitive price.

Lower prices are plausible only if the volume is big. "The secret in selling flavours at low prices is a larger volume. I have the capacity to produce 1,000 tonnes of vanilla a year," said Koh. "A high inventory is also maintained to meet urgent demands. We cannot give service out of nothing."

If dedication is the most important ingredient in Vanilla flavour, VK Creative has dedication proven by dedicating one complete factory at Johor, Malaysia solely to produce Vanilla powder. Our sales have proven that we are moving forward day by day towards our annual target of 1000 tons! Click here to see our packing of 675kg per pallet of Vanilla powder and 900kg pallet, 10 pallets x 1025.5kg = 1 for a 20ft container.

The flavour industries, I believe, is going through a great time of evolution. We have to develop flavours that are good in the sense of product application coupled with very competitive price and maintaining the quality. In markets like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and other developing markets, the currency is weak against the US dollars or Sterling Pound or even Singapore dollar. Hence, the buying power is very much reduced. What they used to buy e.g. $1.00 is now costing them 2 to 3 times more. Therefore, a company who is flexible in creativity, good product quality and most importantly, being able to deliver the product in the shortest time will surface among the rest. VK Creative is in very good position to take this placing because we are an innovative, dynamic and above all, flexible company. Throughout our last 14 years of manufacturing for the region, we have a proven record of being able to deliver our products promptly. Therefore, potential customers who are not sure of VK Creative's products only need to ask around. You can rely on VK Creative for your flavour needs because we are dedicated and committed to give you the best quality at a very competitive price which we call VFM. Our company's 3 core values are as follows:

1) QUALITY - This is our commitment to produce the real taste for our flavours.

2) VALUE FOR MONEY (VFM) - To put the real taste in a container is our commitment to give our customer value for money flavours in terms of dosage in the final products.

3) SERVICE - We are geared to give fast delivery - we can deliver all our standard products within 48 hours upon firm order.

Therefore you can rely on VK Creative for your flavour needs. Click here to see VK Creative's flag.

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